Who are we?

We’re a Company That Cares

We care about the wholesome ingredients we use, we care about helping the environment and using sustainable practices, we care about our employees whom we all consider part of our family, and we care about our customers.

Our mission is to provide an affordable and accessible product and to continually give to, help, and serve those in need.

But what really makes us different is our philosophy

We want to promote healthy families who in turn can change the world

We are just crazy enough to believe that even a small effort can create a big impact.

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So who is Crazy Richard and why is he so crazy?

We’re glad you asked.

See How We Got Our Name

A lifetime involved in the family business

Leading with heart and a love for peanut butter

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Board of Directors

B Corporation

We believe we can use our business as a force for good. We are honored to have been the first nut butter company to ever receive the B Corporation Certification back in 2016.

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Nutty for sustainability

Peanuts are a super sustainable crop and we’ve been inspired by our star ingredient! Come and see how we’re nutty for sustainability beyond the jar.

2022 Annual Report