Our Values are Driven by One Idea

Nothing is More Important to us Than the Next Generation

Everything we do has our little ones in mind, from the ingredients in our peanut butter, to the hours we clock at work.

All Purchases Support Our Give-Back Efforts

The Healthy Kids Happy Future Project

With a platform like Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter Co., we realized that we have the ability to affect not only the futures of our own kids, but those across the country as well. The Healthy Kids Happy Future project is our way of doing just that.

Through the Healthy Kids Happy Future project, we donate our time, talents, and lots of clean nut butter to those in need.

Grab some swag, spread the love

All apparel profit goes to a charity partner

We are always looking for ways to help pay it forward. Which is why 100% of the profits from every item off of Crazy Richard’s apparel site goes directly to a charity partner of the Healthy Kids Happy Future project. We rotate the charities on a quarterly basis to help spread the love to as many as we can.

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