How Do I Stir My Natural Peanut Butter?

First of all, remember that seeing natural peanut oil separate to the top of your jar of peanut butter is a GOOD THING! (Learn more about that here) We recommend that you stir that goodness right back into your jar to give you the creamy consistency and drizzability that Crazy Richard’s is known for. If you would rather have a thicker peanut butter – then you can pour a little of the peanut oil on the top into a separate container and save that for cooking later – peanut oil makes an awesome base for salad dressings and veggie stir fry!

*One of our best tips to having a nicely mixed up jar is storing the peanut butter upside down before it is opened (screw the lid on tight!). All of the oil that was sitting on the top will seep back into the peanut butter. Easy peasy.

But if you’re wanting to dig in right away, here are a few other ways to mix your peanut butter:

1. SHAKE IT UP! Seriously, give it a little shake. Get into it. Get your body moving. Don’t be shy. You’d be surprised how well this works!

Make sure you get a nice grip!

 2. KNIFE IT. Okay, so the shake didn’t quite do the trick? Try this: Slide a butter knife down the side of the jar until it touches the bottom. Rotate the jar and pull the knife towards the center. All of the oil will fill the empty spaces as you do this. Keep mixing until you reach your desired consistency.

 3. MIXER TIME! Still not there, huh? Time to bring out the big guns! This is our favorite! Use your electric hand mixer with only one beater attached, insert it into the jar, and hold on tight! This method will mix up your peanut butter fairly quickly. Place your jar in the kitchen sink the first time you try this and wrap a paper towel around the opening of the jar for an easy clean-up! Stirring just became a lot easier!

Or alternatively, you can empty 2-3 jars at a time into a stand mixer and whip them up. Best tip for a family with lots of kids or peanut butter lovers who go through multiple jars of PB in a week 😉

Lastly, if you really want that drizzly consistency – repurpose a cleaned out old honey or ketchup bottle or purchase a new squeeze bottle from the dollar store. These make it extra fun for kids to join in the drizzling PB fun too!

Kimmi Wernli, President and Owner of Crazy Richards Peanut Butter
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