7 Day Sugar Detox with Rachael DeVaux

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU. How do you feel about this saying? It may be a new year – but do you really need a whole new you? I think that is an overwhelming statement. I mean, it’s not like you can just trade your body/brain/personality in for a brand new one like you can do with your car. What you CAN do is change your attitude, and that adjustment can begin to start impacting all other areas of your life. My word for the year is GRATEFUL. I am grateful for my strong and capable body. I am grateful for my intelligent and well educated brain. I am grateful for my big heart and fun-loving personality. And I am even more grateful that I have the desire and the ability to work on improving all of these things! Sometimes its hard to find the motivation to get started and one of the best ways I have found is to jump in with both feet. I love doing this 7 Day Added Sugar Detox by Registered Dietitian Rachael DeVaux of @RachaelsGoodEats. It’s just long enough to help kick me into gear but not too overwhelming. Download this guide for free!


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