CR PB In Top 8 Best And Healthiest Peanut Butters That You Can Buy by

*Have you ever conducted your own Peanut Butter Taste Test? Sounds like a wild date night activity – haha! We love this idea because it gives so many of you the chance to really compare the FLAVOR of our single ingredient peanut butter with others. After hearing about many of these unbiased reviews, we feel confident that Crazy Richard’s consistently tops the charts. Here’s what had to say during their latest PB Taste Test:
crazy richard’s 100 peanuts all natural peanut butter

**This tops the list for a bunch of experts because, well, it only contains one ingredient: peanuts! It doesn’t get much healthier than that. You can get it in smooth or chunky varieties, and while you might need to give it a HEALTHY swirl to incorporate the oil, once you do, reviewers and experts alike are sure you’ll be impressed.


*Photo and awesome PB Taste Test idea from Molly Beauchemin found HERE.

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