Why Is Natural Peanut Butter Runny?

Since our peanut butter is only composed of peanuts, the consistency is determined by Mother Nature (and we think she does a pretty good job). Peanuts are naturally oily, so when they are ground, the oil will eventually separate to the top of the jar. If your classic peanut butter isn’t separating, that’s a a tell-tale sign that thick, unhealthy, and yucky hydrogenated oils have been added to the mix making it more like a peanut flavored Crisco than a true natural peanut butter. So maybe a little separation isn’t so bad after all!
Some jars are oilier than others, but no worries. If there is a little too much for your liking, you can pour out the excess oil and use it for stir-frying (how resourceful of you!). This will give an excellent peanut flavor to your dish! You can also use the oil to pour back into the jar, and stir to your preferred consistency (check out some stirring tips here).
Another option for you if you want your peanut butter to be thicker is to put it in the refrigerator. This will prevent the oils from separating for a longer period of time. But if you’re anything like me, I go through a jar a week and never have to worry about it separating again. 😉
But don’t let me deter you away from the positives of runny peanut butter. There are an abundance!
1.) It makes one heck of a drizzle!


2.) Skip the spoon, and pour it right on!



 Image by @theguacwardkael
3.) The easiest spreading experience you’ll ever have. No broken toast!
Image by @thefitparwhey
4.) Look how it glides down a pancake stack!
Image by @forkmeetsfood
So I guess the real question is… Why not runny?!
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Alayna 🙂