Simple Easter Bunny Bottom Pancake

Is there anything more iconic for Easter than Bunny Bottom Pancakes? I mean, I can’t even. They are so adorable! Plus these are super easy and will make you feel like you are the coolest mom ever. #momwin Use a non-dairy yogurt and grain-free pancake mix to make these Bunny Bottoms gluten free and dairy free! Need a great pancake recipe? Try this one it is my family’s favorite! Plus they are “make ahead” pancakes so you can have them prepped the night before or even a few days before Easter and then you can pull together this whole Bunny Bottom in about 30 seconds so your Easter morning doesn’t have to be rushed.

How To:

Whip up a batch of your favorite pancakes and make sure to make two different sizes. One larger round pancake and two smaller oval pancakes. Place the larger pancake on the bottom of a plate and the two ovals on the bottom sides like feet. Cut a banana slice and put it on the top part of the oval with white chocolate chips as the bunny paws. Dip your Wholly Rollies in yogurt and stick it on between the two feet as the bunny tail.


Recipe & Photo By: Katie Blauser of @EatPrettyDarling