Cashew Butter: The Ultimate Guide

What Is Cashew Butter?

Don’t you just love the way peanut butter tastes and goes with just about everything? But what if you’re allergic to peanut butter? You don’t want to have to miss out on tasty nut butter just because you have nut allergies, right? That is where cashew butter comes in. This delicious nut butter is quickly taking the market by storm. Cashew butter is tasty, rich, and creamy, as well as vegan and gluten-free. Similar tasting to peanut butter, cashew butter should be a staple in anyone’s home. 

Crazy Richard’s delicious cashew butter is all-natural. Unlike extensive brand options, our cashew butter is Non-GMO, plant-based, and has no additional sea salt or sugar. It is also gluten-free, which is excellent if you are gluten intolerant or trying to eat healthier. Our decadent cashew nut butter recipe only has two ingredients, dry roasted cashews, and sunflower oil. That way, you can rest assured that your nut butter is healthy and doesn’t have any sugary or fatty additives.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Cashew Butter?

There are a couple of kinds of cashew butter: roasted cashews or salted cashews. Both are healthy and delicious, depending on your taste and flavor preferences. Some of those health benefits include:

  • Nutrient-Dense: Our bodies need plenty of nutrients to give you the energy you need to get through your day. Cashew butter is packed with plenty of essential nutrients and healthy fats like calcium, iron, vitamin E, protein, and riboflavin. Cashews can help prevent painful gallstones and regulate blood pressure levels, among many other health benefits.
  • Helps Regulate Blood-Sugar Levels: Cashews are also well known for being able to control blood sugar levels. This helps with your body’s insulin resistance and burn excess sugar, which helps prevent diabetes. Creamy cashew butter can also help you with weight-loss. 
  • Excellent Source Of Magnesium: Cashew butter has a high source of magnesium. This essential mineral plays a considerable role in keeping your body fit and healthy. Consuming magnesium helps keep your muscles in shape and ensures your metabolic functions and immune system are in top condition. Our homemade nut butter also helps your body properly absorb calcium.
  • Less Fat And Sugar Than Other Butter Types: Cashew nut butter has less fat than other nut butter options. With Crazy Richard’s cashew butter, you only eat 94 calories with each tablespoon, which is much less than other options out there. With our all-natural, homemade cashew butter, you don’t have to worry about as much sugar as other nut butter made by prominent brand companies since it contains much less sugar.
  • High Source Of Protein: Our cashew butter has a high protein source, which is crucial for building muscles. Especially if you are vegetarian or vegan, cashew butter provides an essential source of protein.
  • Source Of Iron And Selenium: Crunchy cashew butter contains a high amount of iron. If you don’t have iron in your diet, you can quickly become exhausted or even anemic. Eating raw cashew nuts helps you obtain optimal iron consumption. Cashew nuts are also high in selenium, a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent cellular damage from free radicals and stop them from damaging DNA membranes and cells. This essential vitamin helps with anti-aging, illness, and has plenty of disease-fighting properties. 
  • Essential For Cardiac Health: Our homemade cashew butter is loaded with healthy fats like monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Saturated fat helps reduce harmful cholesterol levels. Cashew butter is excellent for your heart health since it reduces heart problems and heart disease risk.
  • Helps Reduce Diabetes: With so many people struggling with diabetes, it can be challenging to find healthy and yummy food. Our delicious cashew butter is an excellent addition to your diet since it helps regulate blood sugar levels and thus helps reduce diabetes.
  • Reduces Risk Of Gallbladder Stones: Gallbladder stones are quite a painful and obnoxious experience. Good thing there is cashew butter. Studies have shown that cashew butter lowers the risk of developing gallbladder stones so that you can avoid that painful experience in your future. 

What Does Cashew Butter Go Well With?

Cashew butter is naturally sweet, creamy, and rich. Its delicate nuttiness goes well with just about anything, whether it is savory or sweet. You can use cashew butter in many recipes:

  • Eat this delicious butter on toast, bread, English muffins, and bagels. You can drizzle a little bit of honey, and voila! You have the perfect healthy and delicious breakfast that can give you all the energy you need to start the day.
  • Put some cashew butter on some oatmeal as a topping with some maple syrup or coconut flakes.
  • As a sweet potato topping. Did you know sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin B and vitamin C? Add some cashew butter, and you have quite the healthy and vitamin-packed meal!
  • Use some cashew butter as an ingredient in your favorite banana or chocolate muffin recipe.
  • Try out our cashew butter in an almond and balsamic dressing so you can wow your family with your tasty salads.
  • Use some of our roasted cashew butter in your curry sauce. Trust us; it’s delicious!
  • Cashew butter is an excellent ingredient added to any cookie or baked goods to make them extra tasty.
  • Our homemade cashew butter is perfect for adding to any workout smoothie with some chia seeds to give you an extra burst of energy to get through the day.
  • You can also eat cashew butter right out of the jar or use it as a yummy dip with some apple slices.

Don’t be afraid to explore cashew butter in anything you wish. We are sure you’ll fall in love with the taste and never want to go back!

Should I Refrigerate Cashew Butter?

With our delectable cashew butter, you have several options for storage, depending on your desired texture. You can store it in the fridge, but it doesn’t have only to be stored there. Suppose you want creamy, smooth cashew butter that you can quickly drizzle on your toast or bagels. In that case, you will want to keep your airtight container of nut butter on the kitchen counter or in the pantry for easy access and to maintain room temperature. If you want your cashew butter to be thicker and nice and cold, you can stick it in the refrigerator to get that perfect blend of delicious thickness to put on your yummy baked goods. 

How Do I Stir Cashew Butter?

If your cashew butter has oils that get separated, you can easily mix them back in. Grab your knife, spatula, electric hand mixer, or food processor to quickly incorporate the oil back into the nut butter to get that smooth and creamy texture. 

Another tip, if the oils are already separated when you get the jar, turn the cashew butter jar upside down for a bit to let the oils work their way down to the bottom. Then, when you are ready to open it, give the jar a quick shake, and voila! You have amazing, smooth, and creamy cashew butter to die for!

Make sure you grab several jars of our nutritious and delectable jars on our website, or because once you taste our cashew butter, you’ll never want to stop eating it!