Product Request Form

Dear Loyal Crazy Richard’s Fans,

The best way to ensure that Crazy Richard’s products are available in your favorite grocery stores is to TELL THEM! Grocery store managers are not mind readers – and they are doing their very best to try and put products on their store shelves that their customers want. So if you ASK THEM to carry a specific product, more often then not they will try to make it possible. After all, they wouldn’t want you to go to a different retailer looking for your favorite products, or order them online! (Gasp!)

To help you out, we created a handy printable product request form for you to take with you to any of your favorite grocery stores that are not carrying the Crazy Richard’s products you desire. And feel free to check alllll the boxes ;-P If you don’t have a printer or forget to bring this request form with you – NO PROBLEM! Just speak to a manager at the customer service desk, that works just as well!

We really appreciate all of your support and dedication to our company!


The Crazy Richard’s Team